2.8 mm tungsten carbide super wear-resistant hard-faced flux-cored welding wire

Super Wear Resistant Hard facing Flux Cored Welding WireModleSpecification (φ, mm)Hardness (HRC)CompositionECI-602.858-62C:5%, Cr:28.6%ECI-802.860-64C:4.5%, Cr:25%, Nb:3.5%ECI-6002.8,3.260-64C:4.5%, Cr:25%, W:3.5%ECI-WNi1.6,2.8,3.258-60C: 4.2%, Cr:25%, W:3.5%, Ni:1.2%ECI-100 Mo2.858-62C:4.5%, Cr:28, Mo:1%Tungs

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Super Wear Resistant Hard facing Flux Cored Welding Wire
ModleSpecification (φ, mm)Hardness (HRC)Composition
ECI-602.858-62C:5%, Cr:28.6%
ECI-802.860-64C:4.5%, Cr:25%, Nb:3.5%
ECI-6002.8,3.260-64C:4.5%, Cr:25%, W:3.5%
ECI-WNi1.6,2.8,3.258-60C: 4.2%, Cr:25%, W:3.5%, Ni:1.2%
ECI-100 Mo2.858-62C:4.5%, Cr:28, Mo:1%

Tungsten Carbide Wire & Welding Electrode
  SpecificationTubular wire : AS2576-2355
Welding rod  : AS2576-2355
  Material TypeHigh-chromium-high-carbon hard alloy on Fe-basis.
Typical material analysis (wt %)
C: 5.0  Cr: 28   Mn: 0.6  Si: 0.8  Fe: Balance
  Weld Deposit
Tungsten Carbide produces a wear-resistant, austenitic, primary carbide containing weld deposit. it is very resistant on abrasion. The material cannot be flame cut, offers good resistance to scaling and cannot be machined. The weld deposit exhibits cracks.
  Micro StructureTungsten rich primary carbides in a carbide-austenite matrix.
  Weld Deposit
Hardness:  1st layer on Q235B SS400 56-60HRC
                       2nd layer on Q235B SS400 58-62HRC
                      Pure welding deposit : 60-63 HRC
  ASTM G65-04 Dry Sand
  Rubber Wheel Test Wear
The ASTM G65-04 dry sand rubber wheel test (Procedure A) wear
expectation is less than 0.26 grams.
Recommended particulary for the hard-facing of parts subjected to strong abrasion and average shock stress, e.g. screws,dredging bucket front edges, sieves, stirrer blades, sand slingers. top coats on dredger teeth and crushing rolls. Wear Plates.
The application temperatures should not exceed 400ºC.
  Standard SizesTubular wires:  Φ1.6/2.0/2.4/2.8/3.2mm
Packing:Mandrels 12.5kg
               Reels 25kg
               Drums 250kg
Weld rods:    Φ4.0/5.0/6.0mm
Packing:        5kg packages
  Welding instructions for
  tubular wires
Tungsten Carbide is welded without inert gas on the +pole(a.c. possible). Weave technique is usual. The arc should be held as short as possible and the thickness of hard-surfacing deposits should be limited to 10mm. Preheating decreases the generation of stress cracking on the hard-facing.
Φ mm1.21.622.42.83.2
Stick out22-3020-4025-4525-5030-5530-55
Welding instructions for
 welding rods:
Tungsten Carbide welding rods can be welded with d.c. on the +pole but also with a.c. The height of the hard facing should be limited to 10mm.It is not necessary to re-dry the electrodes prior to welding.
Φ mm3.25456
Ps.Tungsten Carbide welding rods are high-performance electrodes with a deposition rate of 200%.
AttentionsThe performance of weld overlay alloy is relevant to welding dilution rate.
Prevent overheating while processing overly welding.
If the base is too thin,it must be put under consideration that the base metal could become deformed.
The control of electric current and voltage has a direct influence on the quality of overlay welding.
if the cored wire is not used up after opening the drum,it must be preserve property with hermetic sealing to prevent from moisture and rusting.

Company Introduction
GST International Engineering (GaoShengTai), is a Sino-Australian joint venture company with an ISO 9001 Certified wear plate production & fabrication workshop, facility located in Qingdao City, China.   
Our partner -- Enduraclad International (ECI) is an Australian based privately owned company with an ISO 9001 Certified workshop facility located in Western Australia, along with a large fabrication workshop in Queensland.
GST is an independent 'one stop shop' provider of wear solutions with an emphasis on Wear resistant products. To support their workshop facilities GST employ a direct supply chain with National and International coverage.
GST's approach to continuous research and development allows them to be considered a front runner in wear plate & hard-facing welding wire technology. Their products have a proven track record of success in many fields. Their "anything is possible" attitude makes them the go to business for improving wear and impact protection where other suppliers fail.

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer

Q: Are you able to produce customized chemical composition and dimension?
A: Yes, we can customized all your needs.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Depending on the quality required.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra?
A:  We can provide free sample, the buyer will bare the freight cost. Freight charges will deduct from the first order.

Q: What are your terms of payment?
A: T.T before delivery.

Q: Do you provide after-sales service?
A: Yes


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