High-speed sub-arc welding flux powder/metal drum packaging

China factory supplier high speed submerged Welding Flux SJ501Equivalent to Lincoln 761 and Esab ok flux 10.81 Accordance:NB/T47018-2011  GB/T5293-1999  F5AZ-H08A  F5A2H08MnAAWS-A5.17  F7AZ-EL12   F7A2-EM12KDescription:Agglomerated flux SJ501 is a kind of acid alum

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China factory supplier high speed submerged Welding Flux SJ501
Equivalent to Lincoln 761 and Esab ok flux 10.81


NB/T47018-2011  GB/T5293-1999  F5AZ-H08A  F5A2H08MnA
AWS-A5.17  F7AZ-EL12   F7A2-EM12K

Agglomerated flux SJ501 is a kind of acid aluminum-titanium type sintered flux, the basicity index is about 0.8. It is shaped as black, round grains and its grain size is 2.0-0.28mm (10-60Mesh). It can be used with either AC or DC. The welding wire is connected to the positive electrode when used with DC. It has stable combustion, good slag detachability and good appearance of weld. It has a thick skin to a small quality of rust and high temperature oxidation film on account of strong the capability of resist pore.

As a peculiar production technique is adopted, the flux possesses better moisture resistance and good strength of grains, which may satisfy the requirements for regular transportation, storage and recycling use in welding. The flux has less specific gravity when it is bulk packed. And it is consumed less during the welding.

1. for low carbon, low alloy and pipeline steel.
2. for thick wall structures of different high-tensile steels.

1.The oil contamination, moisture, iron rust and other foreign substances must be removed from the welding joint.
2. It is better to weld under direct current.
3. Welding flux must be baked under 300-350°C for more than 2 hours before usage.

Chemical Compositions:

Notes for welding:
1. Redry the flux for 2 hours at 300-350o C prior to be used.
2. Some rust, oil, moisture and other impurities must be cleared away from the area to be welded.

With suitable welding wires(H08MnA. H08MnMoA. H10Mn2), it can welding common structural steel, boiler
steel, pipeline steel, etc. The flux can be used for multiple fast welding, and can be suitable for single-
sided welding, especially suitable for pressure vessel, such as oil and gas pipes, tanks and cylinders of automatic submerged arc welding.

(Mechanical Performance of the Deposited Metal):
WiresStandard Modelsбs(Mpa)бb(Mpa)δ5Akv(J)
Equivalent toAWS-A5·17F6A2-EL12F7A3-EM12

Mechanical Property:
Test ItemTensile Strength
Yield Strength 
Impact Absorption Rate 
Guaranteed Value410~550≥330≥22.0≥27
Pa)Tensile   Strength  
 Impact value
 AWS EL12 F6A0-EL12 ≥350 ≥420 ≥22 ≥50(0ºC)
 AWS EM12K F7A-EM12K ≥410 ≥500 ≥22 ≥50(0ºC)

Packing Details:
Bag:25 KGS/Kraft Bag With Plastic Lining Inside
Pallet:40 Bags(1 Ton)/Plywood Pallet
Container:20-24 Tons/Container
OEM Packing Design Can Be Accept According To Your Requirement

Products Picture:
High Speed Sub Arc Welding Flux Powder/Metallic Barrel Packing

High Speed Sub Arc Welding Flux Powder/Metallic Barrel Packing

Factory Introduction:
LAIWU HULIN WELDING MATERIALS CO.,LTD. is top three original factory of Submerged ARC welding flux in China. 
Factory was founded in 1994, quality systerm: ISO9001-2008.
Main products: SJ101,SJ101G,SJ301,SJ50,SJ601.HJ431,HJ107,HJ260 etc.
Application: Spiral steel pipe,API pipe, Structural steel, LPC Gas Cylinder, Pressure vessel, Boiler, Bridges etc.
Yearly capacity:30000mt
OEM & buyer label is ok. Technical support can be offered.

Q. 1 Can you provide free sample?
A:  Total free sample(including freight cost) can be offered
Q. 2  What is your delivery time?
A: Within 7 days after receiving deposit.
Q: 3 Is your price competitive with other companies?
A: Our goal is to give the best price with same quality and best quality with the same price. We do everything we can to reduce your cost.
Q. 4  How about OEM?
Q. 5  Why we should choose your company?
A: Firstly, we are ORIGINAL factory. We can guarantee delivery time and provide special requirements for customers.
Secondly, we have professional foreign trade team with high efficiency communications and professional solutions.      
Thirdly, we have special team work for after sales services 24*7 to help you slove any kind of problem

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