Carbon steel electrode E6013 vertical downward and all-position welding design

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Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes                                                                                    AWS E6013

E6013(J421X) is Titianum Oxide coated electrode for carbon steel welding application.It operates in vertical-down position,and suitable for all-position welding along with the excellent welding performances and can be used both of AC and DC.The weld is smooth and neat.The arc is stable and easy to re-strike,slag can be easily removed.

It applies to welding ship carbon steel and galvanized steel plate as well,in particular applies welding of thin plate in vertical-down position and discontinuous welding application.

Chemical Composition Deposited Metal (%)
Mechanical Properties of weld metal
Test ItemTensile Strength
Yield strength
Impact value(J)
Normal Temp.0ºC

X-ray radiographic inspection:  2  grade.
Sizes & Recommended Current (AC or DC)
Welding rod diameter (mm)2.02.5 3.2 4.0 5.0 
welding current (A)35~7060~10080~150160~200180~250

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